Last night the career development centre at INSEAD was really glad lớn host Amazon Singapore for the first "in person" recruiting sự kiện after over 2 years. It"s always great lớn welcome back lớn the campus our alumni Kathrin Bhalla Gonzalo Muñoz Robledillo Eugene Lau và incredible partners from Amazon talent acquisition team. Grace Chan Michael Scott Henrik Jonson Rhoda Yap (叶静霖)Jade Phung Wei Ching Woo#inseadcareers #weareInsead #careerdevelopment #recruiting #InseadMBA #INSEADMIM #InseadGEMBA

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117 2 Comments Thanks for organizing such events Viet Anh V., it is great to hear from inspiring INSEAD alumni about their day-to-day work, challenges, và successes. I"m looking forward khổng lồ the next event.

Glad to lớn have the opportunity khổng lồ participate in the panel hosted by MBA Career Services và Employer Alliance today with Julia Zupko, DW Lee, and Gurbir ToorBig thanks to Megan Hendricks và Rhoda Yap (叶静霖)for having me. Look forward khổng lồ being a part of this community.#career #community #mba

Thanks lớn the panelists who shared insight during our panel tonight about hiring trends in ASEAN! We talked about the pandemic"s impact on hiring, DEI, border closures, work/life balance ,values-based decision-making and more. We"re looking forward to the next panel in our APAC series tomorrow. #CSEAProgram #APAC DW LeeGurbir ToorViet Anh V.Julia Zupko

Another day at the Career Development Centre, 16 hours back lớn back engagement with companies across the globe. There is no shortage of opportunities for INSEAD #MBA. #inseadforgood #inseadcareers #WeareINSEAD

This week, I accompanied trăng tròn INSEAD #MBA to #hochiminhcity to explore its #techecosystem. We were overwhelmed by the warm welcomes from our alumni và recruiting partner. To me personally as a Vietnamese, I am so proud khổng lồ have the opportunity to lớn showcase Vietnam khổng lồ the our students. Big thanks khổng lồ Infina TAPTAP Vietcetera media Venturra Capital VNG Corporation MoMo (M_Service) Telio for hosting us. Lastly, big shout out lớn the presidents of the TMT club for organizing the trek Matt Gleysteen Minh Anh Nguyen Xiang Sophia Cui Jessica Wu #opportunity #recruiting #vietnam #inseadtrek #inseadMBA #inseadcareers Henrik Jonson Rhoda Yap (叶静霖) Michael Scott Zeynep Flouret

Shopee và INSEAD"s partnership keeps getting stronger with more INSEADers joining over the year. Big thanks khổng lồ our alumni Vera Li Irene Zheng Eduardo Urtado, Gonzalo Menendez, & the fantastic TA team Astrina Fitria Rachmat Carmen Hoo Jia Wen Hannah Hee for the engagement with our #MBA last night. Rhoda Yap (叶静霖)Henrik Jonson Michael Scott Grace Chan#inseadcareers #weareINSEAD #inseadforgood #recruitment #INSEADMBA

We were thrilled khổng lồ have Microsoft presenting with INSEAD MBA yesterday about the #AspireMBA Program. Thank you Ran Fang for joining us. Henrik Jonson Michael Scott Grace Chan Rhoda Yap (叶静霖)#mba #microsoft #INSEADcareers #inseadforgood #WeareINSEAD

Wishing you and your family Ramadan Kareem. May the holy month be blessed & peace be upon you.#INSEAD

#alumni has always been a vital source of supports toward INSEAD #MBA careers. Big shout out to lớn Suryo Sasono 18J alumnus & colleagues for sharing with our students about eCommerce in Indonesia và the career opportunities at Bukalapak.Rhoda Yap (叶静霖)Henrik Jonson Michael Scott Grace Chan#Inseadcareers #weareINSEAD #inseadforgood #ecommerce #careeropportunities #indonesia

We started the 3rd week of INSEAD on-campus recruitment campaign with Sea Limited, one of the region"s leading mạng internet businesses. We are grateful to have Celine Zhang from the people strategy team sharing her insights with our #MBA candidates about Sea"s gaming BU, Garena, & potential career opportunities in this space. Thank you for taking the time lớn meet our students. Rhoda Yap (叶静霖)Henrik Jonson Michael Scott Grace Chan#INSEADCareers #weareINSEAD #MBAcareers

Yesterday, INSEAD MBA had a chance lớn reconnect with our alumni Prateek Panchratana và Sunny Bharwani to learn more about career opportunities at Agoda. Big shout out khổng lồ Matthew Greenburg & the talent acquisition team for working with us behind the scene to lớn make this happen. Rhoda Yap (叶静霖) Henrik Jonson Michael Scott Grace Chan Katy Montgomery#inseadcareers #weareINSEAD #INSEADmba #MBACareers