Writing postcards from a vacation và sending them lớn friends or family is a time honored tradition in many parts of the world. Many people lượt thích to collect postcards from different countries, & who doesn’t love to lớn receive post that isn’t an advertisement or bill for once?

You can send a postcard to let someone know you are thinking of them, to nói qua thoughts about where you have been và what you have been doing, lớn make someone jealous (or at least wish they’d have come with you!), or a combination of the three!

Summary – what khổng lồ write on a vacation postcard

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Before you start your travel postcard, make sure to include the following things:

A greetingA sign-offSomething abut where you areAnd last but not least, the correct address

Below are my tips on what to lớn write on your vacation postcard, beyond the above essentials. Start reading or skip to:

#1 Write about where you are


This can be a general mô tả tìm kiếm of the city you are visiting, for example, or a very specific trương mục of the precise place you are as you write. Personally, I prefer these specific accounts as they are more personal. It helps you give the reader a real snapshot into what exactly it’s like where you are at the time of writing. Be sure khổng lồ include not only details of what the place looks like, but involve all the senses for a really vivid scene. That means the scent of coffee floating through the air, the chatter of the children on the street, the sweet & buttery taste of a freshly baked croissant… I’m making myself drool just thinking about it! Here are some examples of how lớn write about where you are:

“The soothing sound of the waves lapping the shore is so relaxing. In the distance, I can see children clambering onto an anchored sailboat and taking it in turns lớn jump off and into the ocean, shouting and laughing và trying khổng lồ make the biggest splash.”

“This thành phố is bustling. Walking down the streets, I’ve become entangled in so many massive groups of tourists wearing matching colored t-shirts. Lượt thích me, they’re all eagerly following their tour guides who are describing the many famous monuments into a megaphone in a multitude of different languages.”

“This is without a doubt the most delicious pesto pasta I’ve EVER eaten. We’re in a small cliff top restaurant overlooking a small bay close lớn La Spezia, the smell of fresh basil wafting from the kitchen is an absolute delight.”

#2 Make a joking comparison


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Sending your postcard to a friend or family thành viên that you often joke with? A little teasing about where you are compared to lớn where you live at home, or compared lớn where you know they are, can be a funny thing lớn write in a postcard from your vacation. Here are some examples of how to vày it:

“As I lie here in my hammock, the waves lapping the shore and the sun peeking at me through the leaves of the palm trees, I can’t help but think of you on your sofa, in a jumper & slippers with the heating on :P”

“The coffee here is ridiculous, so intense and smooth at the same time, và so CHEAP compared khổng lồ back home! I had a full brunch today with eggs benedict, a tropical fruit salad, orange juice, & a cappuccino for less than $2! How much was your prepackaged sandwich today?”

“It’s hard to believe that just one week ago I was sat grumpily in the office in the gray with the rain pouring down outside & now I’m here in this sunny paradise. How are you guys surviving without me?!”

#3 Talk about something that happened


This could be something you did, something you planned, or a random occurrence that you want to cốt truyện with the recipient of your postcard. See these examples for ideas on how to write about it –

“I visited the national gallery yesterday, it was even more beautiful than I’d imagined. I know we spoke about the artwork that was on display, but I hadn’t anticipated how amazing the building itself was going khổng lồ be. Definitely visit next time you’re here.”

“I went on the open-top bus tour yesterday and would absolutely recommend it. Seeing the thành phố from the roof was a great way khổng lồ get around, and you can hop on or off as you like, which is really useful because the famous sights & monuments are quite spaced out.”

“I met some amazing people in the hostel. A girl arrived last night, we spoke, và it turned out she was planning khổng lồ go on the mountain trail today too, so we decided khổng lồ go together & ended up having an awesome time!”

#4 Talk about something that surprised you


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If you are writing to someone from the same culture as you, anything that you find surprising or different while on vacation is likely to lớn also be of interest to lớn them. This can be a cultural difference, a stereotype that turned out khổng lồ be true/untrue, or anything else you experience while away –

“I went to lớn the supermarket yesterday to lớn look for snacks to lớn take khổng lồ the park, and can you believe they even had an “American” aisle there, selling Hershey’s & Reese’s Pieces! I was really tempted after being away for so long, but managed to resist… for now!”

“I went for dinner on Tuesday and learned that Italians never order cappuccino after midday! Which I learned the hard way when I went to lớn order one & the waiter looked at me lượt thích I was crazy và tried to convince me I’d get sick drinking milk so late in the evening! Can you imagine?!”

Have a great vacation!

We hope you’ve got an idea of what lớn write in your postcard from vacation now! Need more travel inspiration? One of these articles might interest you!

AuthorMaud Arnold

Hiya, I’m Maud. I’m an English girl who"s moved khổng lồ Berlin - because who wouldn’t fall in love with a country which has words like ‘Kummerspeck’ hidden around every corner... I love traveling & finding out the quirks of each country - & what better way to remember them than on a postcard?