Three reasons to avoid saying "i'm proud of you"


We all have those important people in our lives whose achievements make us happy and proud khổng lồ be a part of their lives. But there are other ways to say I’m proud of you that are more sincere and can bring a brighter smile khổng lồ their face.

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Whether it is a friend you’re saying “I’m proud of you” to or a partner, the other ways to lớn say it mean practically the same thing và sometimes even more.

Got your doubts about these other ways khổng lồ say it? Okay, come along while we discuss đôi mươi other ways lớn say I’m proud of you that are even better than the actual phrase!

5 other ways to lớn say I’m proud of you from a parent khổng lồ a kid (under 10)

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but you don’t talk lớn a kid the same way you talk to someone your age, especially when it’s your own child.When your kid under 10 does something that makes you feel proud, it is undeniably one of the best feelings in the world.Here are 5 other ways to lớn say I’m proud of you to lớn your superstar:

01“Being your mom/dad is the best job I have!”This is a good one khổng lồ use when you’re a working mom/dad that always seems khổng lồ be busy.It is especially good because kids can easily feel lượt thích you pay more attention lớn your job than khổng lồ him/her. This sets the record straight và makes the moment even more special.
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02“How did you manage khổng lồ ? You’re so smart for a .”Use this when your kid accomplishes something that many kids accomplish later in life.It doesn’t have lớn be anything super like being a prodigy at playing the piano or at math. It can be as simple as tying his/her shoelace on his/her own, or using a “big word” in a sentence correctly.This will make your kid feel on đứng đầu of the world.
03“I know it mustn’t have been easy, but you managed to vì chưng a great job. Good going kiddo!”This is a good one to lớn use when your child does something that requires maturity or great skill, such as being the “bigger person” in a situation or acing something he/she had struggled with in the past.It is good lớn use because you acknowledged the difficulty & his/her ability to lớn overcome it.

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04“Look at how much you’ve progressed! That must have taken a lot of work.”It is good lớn use this when your child has taken even the smallest step towards being better at something.It helps him/her recognize the progress & motivates him/her to lớn continue improving.
05“You may not feel like it, but you did a pretty awesome job. What did you vị differently this time?”This is a good way lớn pick your kid up when he/she fails at something. This helps khổng lồ develop problem-solving skills and makes room for development.

5 alternative ways to lớn say “I’m proud of you” from parent to lớn child (teen to lớn adult)

With teens and adults, saying “I’m proud of you” is a bit different. They are much more aware và can see through false motivation easily.Here are 5 other ways lớn say “I’m proud of you” to lớn older children:

06“It’s been an honor to lớn watch you grow up.”This can be used for both a teen và an adult. It is a general way lớn say you are proud of the decisions he/she has made and that he/she is on the right track.

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07“I had no idea you could vì chưng that! When did this happen?”This is good when you discover a hidden talent your child has, like being a great speaker, or creating beautiful art. It shows that you are impressed by the action.
08“You’ve become such a wonderful thành viên of society. I could learn a lot from you.”This is something you can use if you weren’t around a lot while your kid was growing up.It will make him/her feel great that he/she accomplished so much on his/her own.
09“Pretty soon you’ll be better at this than me!”It is good to use this when your teenager or adult child has excelled at something you have in common, or that you taught him/her.It will make him/her feel good that the student has caught up to lớn the master!
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10“No matter what, I’m always happy to lớn be your mom/dad. Never forget that.”This is good khổng lồ say when he/she has gotten in a bit of trouble or is down on his/her luck.In this type of situation, it is easy for him/her to feel lượt thích the whole world is against him/her. Saying this reassures him/her.

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5 ways to tell your friend you are proud of him/her

Good friends are hard to find, so when you find one, hold on tight và be the best possible friend you can be to lớn him/her. A part of being a good friend is celebrating his/her accomplishments.Here are 5 other ways to say “I’m proud of you” to a friend:

11“I never doubted you for a minute!”This is good lớn say lớn a friend who was nervous about something and managed to succeed in the end.It’s great because it shows how supportive you are.

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12“Go best friend! That’s my best friend!”This line is from a song that celebrates a best friend. You can sing/text this khổng lồ your friend to lớn show how proud you are.
13“You look so proud of yourself! I am too. Let’s celebrate!”It is good khổng lồ say this in the actual moment of accomplishment/success to lớn help boost your friend up even more.
14“That’s so impressive! I don’t know how you did it!”This is good to say khổng lồ a friend who you know has a lot on his/her plate but has managed khổng lồ pull something off.It is good to use lớn acknowledge how amazing he/she is.
15“This is a huge win! High five!”This is another one you can use in the moment of accomplishment/success or when you hear the news.This action says that you are just as excited as they are about what has happened.

5 ways to say it to lớn your partner

Saying “I’m proud of you” khổng lồ a partner is generally more affectionate, especially since you have first-hand experience or knowledge of how much it means to lớn your partner or how hard he/she has worked.Here are 5 other ways lớn say “I’m proud of you” to lớn your other half:

16“Baby that’s amazing! Your quái dị is lucky khổng lồ have you around to vị all that great work!”Use this when your partner gets a promotion or is rewarded for a good job at work. It shows that you know he/she is an asset to that company.
17“I know you like the back of my hand but I’m still in awe of what you are capable of”It is good lớn use this when your partner does something that is a big deal. It means that you are not only proud but impressed.
18“You’re the best at .”You can use this one lớn compliment your partner for pretty much anything.This is a good way khổng lồ show that you are paying attention & that you appreciate your partner.
19“The sexiest thing about you is how hard you work for what you want! You’re a great example to lớn the kids!”This is good to use for your husband/wife who has a great work ethic. It helps khổng lồ reassure him/her as a partner and keep the relationship in a good place.
20“You’re amazing, you know that right?”This is a rhetorical question & is a way lớn let your partner know that you are proud of whatever he/she has done.It will make him/her feel all warm và fuzzy inside that you recognize his/her talents or success.

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“I’m proud of you” is already a wonderful thing to say but these other ways lớn say “I’m proud of you” are just as sincere và even more impactful.Try it. You’ll see.

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