There are a number of natural disasters that can strike acro

The number of deaths from natural disasters can be highly variable from year-to-year; some years pass with very few deaths before a large disaster sự kiện claims many lives.If we look at the average over the past decade, approximately 45,000 people globally died from natural disasters each year. This represents around 0.1% of global deaths.

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In the visualizations shown here we see the annual variability in the number and share of deaths from natural disasters in recent decades.

What we see is that in many years, the number of deaths can be very low – often less than 10,000, & accounting for as low as 0.01% of total deaths. But we also see the devastating impact of shock events: the 1983-85 famine and drought in Ethiopia; the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake và tsunami; Cyclone Nargis which struck Myanmar in 2008; và the 2010 Port-au-Prince earthquake in Haiti. All of these events pushed global disasters deaths over 200,000 – more than 0.4% of deaths in these years.

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Low-frequency, high-impact events such as earthquakes and tsunamis are not preventable, but such high losses of human life are. We know from historical data that the world has seen a significant reduction in disaster deaths through earlier prediction, more resilient infrastructure, emergency preparedness, và response systems.Those at low incomes are often the most vulnerable to disaster events: improving living standards, infrastructure & response systems in these regions will be key to lớn preventing deaths from natural disasters in the coming decades.


Globally, over the past decade, natural disasters accounted for an average of 0.1% of total deaths. This was, however, highly variable khổng lồ high-impact events & ranged from 0.01% khổng lồ 0.4% of total deaths.

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In the maps shown here you can explore these trends by country over the past few decades. Using the timeline on the chart you can observe changes across the world over time, or by clicking on a country you can see its individual trend.

What we observe is that for most countries the cốt truyện of deaths from natural disasters are very low in most years. Often it can be zero – with no loss of life lớn disasters – or well below 0.01%. But we also see clearly the effects of low-frequency but high-impact events: in 2010, more than 70% of deaths in Haiti were the result of the Port-au-Prince earthquake.