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Mission Statement

Our vision is for a caring education system which provides every young person with the lifelong skills, values, and confidence to be self-reliant.

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The Ministry of Education and Training ( is the largest service deliverer & employer in Vanuatu.

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The core purpose of the Vanuatu National Curriculum is to provide a quality, relevant và harmonized curriculum khổng lồ all students in Vanuatu from preschool to year 13.

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Constitution và Acts

Vanuatu"s constitution & all acts relevant lớn the education sector.

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Find out more about initiatives, co-sponsored by the, NGOs và Donors, like the Education Partners Group và the Vanuatu Education Sector Program.

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Halo Olgeta!

Welcome lớn the website of the Vanuatu Ministry of Education and Training (! I am very happy that you have found this site, and hope that it will be extremely useful khổng lồ you.

Our goal is to lớn provide content that will be useful & attractive to all our major stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, school administrators, education officials, & the public. We have designed the site so that your stakeholder "role" will lead you lớn useful content. So if you are a student, look first under the "student/parent" tab, và if you are with the media, look under the "media" tab above. Và so on.

In the long term we want our site lớn have a tremendous amount of content in English, French, Bislama and vernacular island languages, lớn better serve all our citizens.

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Thanks for your interest in the children & youth of Vanuatu.

Honourable Samsen Samson

Minister of Education và Training

COVID 19 Vaccine Consent size (Bislama) (June 2022)
COVID 19 Vaccine Consent khung (English) (June 2022)
COVID 19 Vaccine Consent khung (French) (June 2022)
00 Ol Skul i Sef blong open Bagegen (May 2022)
01 Guide réouverture sécurisée des institutions scolaires (May 2022)
02 Safe School Reopening Guideline for Vanuatu (May 2022)
DG MdEF - Toutes les écoles doivent reprendre pleinement leurs activités normales à parti du 23rd Mai 2022 (May 2022)
DG - All Schools khổng lồ Fully Resume Normal Operations from 23rd May 2022 (May 2022)

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Ministry of Education, Vanuatu
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