10 Common Best Man Duties You'Ll Need To Know To Ace The Job


Wondering what a best man does besides planning the bachelor party? Here is a full guide for you explaining what the duties of a best man are.

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Best Man Duties Before, During & After the Wedding Ceremony

1. Create a best man emergency kit

You never know what mishaps may occur on the morning of the wedding, so, as the Boy Scout motto goes: Be prepared! Head to a drugstore the week before the wedding và pick up essential toiletries lượt thích spray deodorant, bandages, tissues, và pain relievers. You’ll also want lớn bring a stain remover, sewing kit, & even an extra pair of socks và tie in case someone forgets their own. Also, don’t forget to lớn bring cash in case of emergency.

2. Get dressed with the other groomsmen and groom

The best man should be a relaxed and upbeat presence the morning of the wedding—especially if the groom is feeling a bit nervous. Play music, break out some beers, a deck of cards, or clip games to help pass the time. And be sure lớn memorize those how-to-tie-a-tie YouTube videos before the wedding in case anyone needs last-minute assistance!

3. Make sure the groomsmen are wearing their boutonnieres

If the groomsmen are supposed to lớn wear boutonnieres, ensure that everyone’s is pinned on properly before walking down the aisle.

4. Try lớn keep things on schedule

Ask the couple to provide you with a timeline of the wedding day’s events before the big day so you’re aware of what needs to happen when. The best man may have to play camp counselor a few times during the day—if you notice that people are goofing off instead of lining up for photos, or not where they should be at the appropriate time, try to get things on track. You should also introduce yourself to lớn the venue coordinator and/or wedding planner, & volunteer your assistance.

5. Hold the wedding rings until the couple’s ring exchange

If there is no ring bearer, the best man may be responsible for holding the wedding bands until the ring exchange portion of the ceremony. Be aware of where the rings are at all times và keep them in a safe place, lượt thích a your inner jacket pocket (check in advance that your pocket doesn’t have a hole in it!).

6. Stand next to lớn the groom

The best man usually stands next lớn the groom during the ceremony. This is a clear display of your love and support for your pal, so—we’re totally going to sound like your grandma here—stand up straight, look interested, and smile during the ceremony! While the best man typically walks down the aisle solo during the processional, he will likely be paired with the maid of honor during the recessional.

7. Deliver officiant’s payment after the ceremony

The newlyweds will typically be a bit busy immediately after the ceremony, so the best man is usually tasked with ensuring that the wedding officiant receives his or her payment. Talk with the couple before the wedding lớn see if this is a task they’d lượt thích you lớn assist with.

8. Sign the marriage license as witness

The marriage license is super-important—without it, the couple isn’t actually married! The couple will usually sign the license after the ceremony, but sometimes it’s signed before. The best man is usually present for the signing—and as two witnesses are typically required, the best man & maid of honor typically fill those roles.

9. Pose for pictures

Whether the couple takes wedding buổi tiệc nhỏ portraits before or after the ceremony, you"ll need khổng lồ be game to smile for the camera—many, many times over. Being in front of the camera might not be your favorite thing in the world, but the couple will be grateful for your cooperation.


Best Man Duties at the Wedding Reception

1. Stand next khổng lồ bride in the receiving line

A receiving line is a formal way lớn greet guests as they enter during cocktail hour. They aren’t super-common these days, but if the couple decides to host one, the best man typically stands next lớn the bride and groom while saying hello to lớn arriving guests.

2. Be announced with maid of honor for reception entrance

Once the reception begins, the wedding tiệc nhỏ will typically make theirgrand entrance with the DJ or bandleader announcing everyone by name as they enter the party. The best man usually enters the reception alongside the maid of honor.

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3. Play host

During the wedding reception, guests may look to lớn the best man for random tidbits of information—from knowing where the restroom is, lớn when the cake cutting will occur. Since you should have the timeline of wedding-day events handy, you hopefully should be able lớn answer their questions. If not, direct them lớn the venue coordinator or wedding planner.

4. Dance with the maid of honor during first guest dance

It’s tradition for the best man to dance with the maid of honor when guests are welcomed onto the dance floor. If you and the MOH would prefer not khổng lồ go this route, that"s totally fine, just make sure that you’re one of the first people on the dance floor & encourage the other guests lớn join you. If you look lượt thích you’re having an amazing time, the rest of the couple’s family và friends will follow suit. Another good move on the part of the best man? Make sure you dance with the bride, too.

5. Make sure groom eats & drinks

The groom will be pretty busy during the ceremony, but try khổng lồ help him out by making sure he has a bite khổng lồ eat and stays hydrated (and not just with shots).

6. Give a best man speech

The best man typically gives the second toast after the father-of-the-bride. Our advice: Don’t procrastinate when it comes khổng lồ writing your best man speech, speak from the heart, and keep it short.

7. Decorate the getaway car

If the couple is not hiring wedding transportation and using their own car, the best man và groomsmen traditionally have a little fun by decorating the getaway car with cans, streamers, etc. Make sure the couple is cool with this before going to town on their car.


Best Man Duties After the Wedding

1. Help organize and safe-keep gifts

Even though the buổi tiệc nhỏ is over, there are still a few more things for you khổng lồ accomplish. The couple probably received many gifts during the wedding. Make sure that the gifts are collected & kept in a safe location until the couple returns from their honeymoon.

2. Hand out vendor tips

The couple may ask the best man khổng lồ hand out tips to vendors after the reception—just make sure that the cash is organized into labeled envelopes, & you’re aware of the exact person you should hand the tip to.

3. Make sure groomsmen return rented attire

If you’re coordinated a group tuxedo rental, you’ll need to lớn make sure that all of the tuxes are returned in a timely fashion. This may require a few texts to certain groomsmen, but you don’t want khổng lồ be charged for late returns.

Best Man FAQs

Does the best man pay for anything?

Aside from all the best man duties you’ll need to lớn handle, there is also a financial responsibility involved. Here’s a brief các mục of the traditional best man expenses:

AttireBachelor partyTravel and accommodations for the weddingPre-wedding groomingWedding gift

Can a married man be a best man?

Certainly! A groom’s best man is usually his closest relative or friend, & can be married or unmarried. Some grooms have even chosen their father as their best man!

Can you have two best men at a wedding?

Yes, the groom can have two best men—it’s particularly common if a groom has two brothers, or if there are two grooms. However, since the best men may be handling responsibilities as a team, it’s important to make sure that the chosen best men get along and can work well together. Choosing two best men who don’t know each other may not be a good idea & cause tension within the wedding party.

What should the best man get the groom as a gift?

Yes, part of the best man’s responsibilities is to lớn get the couple a wedding gift. The best man may also choose khổng lồ get the groom an individual gift as part of the bachelor buổi tiệc nhỏ festivities, but it’s not necessary. The best man should expect khổng lồ spend about $120 on a wedding gift, and potentially more if he’s attending the wedding with a plus-one. Traditionally, the best man purchases a gift from the couple’s wedding registry or gives cash. However, if the best man would prefer khổng lồ give a more creative or sentimental gift that’ s not on the registry that he feels the couple would love, that’s okay, too.

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