Giáo Án Tiếng Anh 12


Bổ sung thêm tài liệu giờ đồng hồ Anh tham khảo giành riêng cho giáo viên, mê say Tiếng Anh share “Giáo án giờ Anh lớp 12 cơ phiên bản thí điểm không hề thiếu UNIT (bản WORD)”. Tư liệu được soạn theo chương trình SGK mới (thí điểm) khối lớp 12, có tương đối đầy đủ 16 bài xích (unit), tài liệu bạn dạng WORD thuận lợi cho thầy cô sửa đổi biên soạn tư liệu ôn tập tham khảo.

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Tài liệu tham khảo

Trích từ bỏ tài liệu



Help Ss to know about the English book grade 12 in general.(themes, tests, lessons )

Introduce how to bởi vì an oral test, a fifteen – minute tests & a written

Some requires of student to study well

To help Ss have the opportunities to lớn develop their oral

To introduce the theme and

By the kết thúc of the lesson, students will be able to: know the topic, the theme and

Preparations: – Teacher: Handouts, textbook, boards, colored chalks and lesson


Methods: – The whole lesson: Integrated, mainly


1. Warm-up (8 minutes) Introduces herself lớn the students.

Asks some students to introduce themselves:

What’s your name? vì chưng you like English?

Do you find English easy or difficult? Which is the easiest, the most difficult? Reading, speaking, listening, or writing?

Why vị you learn English?

How long have you learned English?

Are you good or bad at English?


T Ss





2. Presentation (30 minutes)

1. The text- book English 12

– The 1st term: * Unit 1- Unit 6: 8 parts for each unit: getting started, language, reading, speaking, listening, writing, communication & culture & looking back và project

* đánh giá 1, 2 * demo yourself 1

* Written tests: 6: 15’(3) 45’(2) end- term (1)

– The 2nd term: * Unit 7- Unit 12: 8 parts for each unit: getting started, language, reading, speaking, listening, writing, communication and culture và looking back & project.

* đánh giá 3, 4 * kiểm tra yourself 2

* Written tests: 6: 15’(3) 45’(2) end- term (1)

2. Teacher’s demand:

– Read the lesson before studying in class.

– do all exercises at home.

– It is good lớn find the meaning and the pronunciation of the new words in the dictionary at home.

-Listen to lớn the teacher attentively & take part in the lesson actively và creatively.

– Take part in the activities that the teacher required such as pairs work, group work or individual

– Each S has a notebook & book (student book and work book)

Books * Text – book English 12 * Work – book English 12

At home:

* Prepare for the new lessons: content, structures, words & phrases, pronunciation

* Revise the old lessons + bởi vì all the homework

At class: * Participate in all activities * Keep the discipline



T Ss

3. Consolidation (5 minutes)

Students’ assessment

What vị you find your English? Very good/ excellent: Good:……… Average:……… Bad:……….. Very bad:………

– Give feedback.

T Ss
4. Homework (2 minutes)

– Prepare Unit 1: Life stories Lesson1: Getting started

T Ss

Date of preparation: ………../……./ 2018 Date of Teaching: ………../……./ 2018




Language focus:– to introduce the overall topic of Unit 1: “Life Stories”, lexical items related to lớn people’s life stories, homophones, revision of the past simple the past continuous.

To check students’ comprehension thorough True / False

To provide Ss with a chance khổng lồ express their opinion about their

To help learners get started with some language items in Unit 1

Skills: – lớn help learners get started with 4 skills in Unit

Reading: Reading for specific information in an article about Life

Speaking: Talking about a historical

Listening: Listening for specific

Writing: Write a life

Attitudes: – to lớn help Ss get started for Unit 1 with the topic “Life stories”

To provide Ss some motivation

Preparations: – Teacher: Handouts, textbook, lesson plan, papers and

– Students: Textbook

Methods: – The whole lesson: Integrated, mainly


1. Warm up (5 minutes) Answer some lead-in questions.

1. Who is your favourite singer / footballer /…?

2. Why bởi you lượt thích him / her?

3. Look at the picture on page 6 and answer questions: Do you know who they are? What vì chưng you know about them?

Possible answers: 1. My favourite singer/ footballer is tô Tùng/ David Beckham.

2. I like Sơn Tùng most because he not only sings beautifully but he is also really handsome. I like David Beckham very much because he both plays football excellently & is manly.

3. I have no idea about the first photo. The second is Michael Jackson, a popular American singer and dancer. The third one is a good cook / chef. Và the last one is two students. May be they are talking about the three people just mentioned.


T Ss

2. New lesson Activity 1: Listen and read (15 minutes)

– Tell Ss that they are going lớn listen to lớn a conversation.

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– Play the recording

– Ask Ss listen lớn the recording và read the conversation.

+ Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) was an American entrepreneur, marketer, và inventor, who was the co-founder, chairman, và CEO of táo apple Inc.


T Ss




Whole class

+ Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American singer, tuy nhiên writer, record producer, dancer, và actor.

+ Christine Ha (May 9, 1979) is an American chef, the first blind contestant of the TV show Master Chef và winner of its third season in 2012.

Activity 2: Read the conversation again. Decide whether the statements are T or F. (12 minutes)

– Ask Ss to work individually & finish the task

– Ask them to lớn exchange their answers with a partner.

T (Quang says he hasn’t decided between Steve Jobs và Michael Jackson.) NG

F (Hung thinks Michael Jackson was a great dancer, but not an excellent singer và his singing voice became weak và thin in his later years.)

F (Quang says M. Jackson’s music inspired him lớn learn lớn play a musical


T (Quang says Christine Ha won the US Master Chef trophy in 2012. Hung says Christine is a blind chef and a gifted writer, very talented & determined, & it was absolutely amazing khổng lồ watch her use all the kitchen tools and prepare the dishes.)

T (Hung says Christine is a blind chef.)

Activity 3: Discuss with a partner.

If you were Quang, who would you choose to talk about, Steve Jobs or Michael Jackson? Why?

– T has Ss read the question & discuss their answers with a partner; elicits some answers và writes the best ones on the board. – Ss discuss in pairs và answer the questions.

Possible answers:

1. If I were Quang, I would choose lớn talk about Steve Jobs because he is amazingly talented – he was an entrepreneur, marketer, và inventor, who was the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of táo Inc.

2. If I were Quang, I would choose lớn talk about Michael Jackson because he was a wonderful singer, a professional dancer, a great song writer, a leading record producer, & a popular actor.

Activity 4: Find the words in the conversation that have the same sounds as the following.

– T explains briefly to lớn Ss that many English words (or combinations of words) may have the same pronunciation, but different spellings và different meanings. They are called homophones.

1. Too 2. Eye 3. Sea 4. One 5. No

Feedback: 1. Two 2. I 3. See 4. Won 5. Know

Activity 5: Read the conversation again & write the correct tenses of the verbs in brackets.

This activity focuses on revision of the past simple và the past continuous.

– T asks Ss lớn give the correct tenses of the verbs in brackets first, & then has Ss read the conversation to kiểm tra their answers. Feedback: 1. Became, wasn’t

2. Felt, was creating











T Ss








Pair work




T Ss










T Ss


Individually and pair work

T Ss

3. Consolidation (2 minutes)

– Ask Ss: What have you learnt today? What can you vị now?

– Summarize the main points of the lesson.

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T Ss

4. Homework (1 minute)

– Ask Ss lớn learn by heart the words or phrases related to lớn life stories. – Prepare for the next lesson.