Shutterstock.comWhen you want khổng lồ go out lớn meet friends or escape from a family function, there’s the whole process of the “goodbye”. Of course, it would be rude to leave without greeting everyone, so you need to do the rounds. Minutes can pass. Actually, if you encounter chatty aunts, it might even take quite some time! If you are in an extended family, you might have to lớn start saying goodbye with some anticipation before you have to leave. 

8. Small arguments và spats become big family dramas and scandals.

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If you have an argument with your sibling about it and a family member catches wind and interjects, chances are that the entire argument can get out of control. Before you know it, the fight is a huge deal, a big thing… a massive family drama. & yes, you guessed it; everybody knows about it & is more than willing to weigh in on it.

9. Your life decisions may be harshly judged.

It’s easier to lớn make confident decisions for your life if you are in a small, nucleus family. When extended family is involved, you can expect a group of people, each with their own interests và prejudices, lớn judge your decisions và try khổng lồ offer you alternative options. This can leave you feeling judged and can also tarnish your self-esteem and confidence.

10. It’s hard lớn get a word in.

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Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a group of people who are always passionate about having their own say? Well, with an extended family, that is always the case. Expect khổng lồ feel a lot of tension rising as you try to get a word in…if you ever do!

11. There’s a lot of pressure involved in introducing a significant other.

Have a new boyfriend or girlfriend? Uh-oh, you have a very daunting introduction khổng lồ do. It’s hard enough introducing a new partner to a small family as it is nerve-wracking for the new partner. Now imagine an entire family staring at said new partner, asking questions, và being just as generally raucous as usual. Ouch!

12. Events, parties, và celebrations cost a LOT (big guest lists).

There’s no such thing as a cheap birthday các buổi party for the kids or your parents when there’s an extended family involved. Suddenly a birthday các buổi tiệc nhỏ costs hundreds of dollars in décor, food, and entertainment. Guest lists for celebrations & events are long with extended families. 

13. Time spent at the kids’ table.

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Growing up in an extended family can be quite frustrating for kids who are transitioning into their teen years, or from their teens and into adulthood. Most extended families know all about the “kids” tables at events & family gatherings. It’s the table where all the little kids are seated, away from the adults. As kids get older, due lớn space issues, they often have khổng lồ spend a few more years or odd events at the kids’ table. & let’s face it; this is never fun. 

14. More family functions/gatherings/celebrations than is normal.

Shutterstock.comWith extended families, family gatherings seem to lớn be the main form of entertainment & socializing. If you aren’t too keen on gatherings at every turn, you might not enjoy an extended family having breakfasts, movie nights, birthday parties, get-togethers, và more. It can get quite exhausting, especially if you have a life outside of the family. 

15. There’s always a fight for the bathroom. 

Unless you live in a very big house with several bathrooms, having an extended family probably means that the bathroom is always occupied. It gets even worse when you have more family và friends all visiting at the same time. This can become quite frustrating & uncomfortable. A drawback of an extended family indeed!