Describe The Person You Admire The Most


When asked about the person I admire in the universe, I vày not require lớn look at celebrities or any other big influentialnames in society. When it comes khổng lồ me, the person I admire most in the world ismy mother. We all have people whom we consider to be highly inspirational andinfluential lớn look upon, and in my case, my mother is an excellent example ofthese characters. She is an extraordinary person in my life because of herenduring strength that I dearly admire, & she is also kind as well assupportive.

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One thing I most admire about my mother for isher strength, which appears to lớn be resistant throughout hard times. My mother isa single mother, và she has managed to lớn raise three children all by herself,providing us with a good life & education, while still balancing work. Forinstance, when my brother và I cleared high school, only one of us hoped tojoin college because of our financial situation, but she worked two jobs toensure that we enrolled in college. Single mothers across the globe facefinancial instability where they are forced lớn engage in other strategies toextend income to lớn take care of their family (West et al. 359). I hold greatadmiration for my mother because of her determination, how she never backsdown, and the way she stands up for what she believes in no matter thehardships that come along.

My mother has a striking appearance, but behindthis, she is very alluring, admirable, & kind. At first, one can concludethat she is a blunt and cold person because of her quiet nature, but afterknowing her, she turns out khổng lồ be a friendly, warm-hearted, gentle, & generousperson. My mother has been a dedicated individual in the society through volunteeringin church during weekends and holidays as well as helping in the local homelessshelters. Kindness is crucial và healthy since one takes pride in caring forothers since they need caring, and it gives people a pleasant feeling (Adamupar. 6). Thanks to my mother, I have grown to lớn be a kind-hearted anddeeply-caring person since I believe that it"s upon me khổng lồ help those in needwhenever I am capable.

I am lucky lớn have a mother who always supportsme no matter my misgivings. No matter the activity I am in or the decision Imake, my mother is still there for me lớn give me advice & encouragement, butat the end of the day, she is at all times by my side. I had a difficult timeadapting lớn my first year in high school, and I almost quit, but my mum listenedto my grievances, & with her support, I managed khổng lồ finish high school.Supportive behavior is crucial for individual well-being, especially when itcomes to emotional support, where a person can be able lớn relieve distress froma challenge (MacGeorge và Van Swol 7). My mother"s supportive character hasgiven me the strength to endure a lot of challenging situations in life as wellas learn a lot in what life has to offer.

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Special people like my mother exist lớn make ourlives better & to mold us to become a better version of ourselves. My motheris a strong spirited person, kind-hearted, has unbreakable strength and verysupportive. Over the years, I have learned a lot through her character andthoughts, which have molded me to the caring, decent, và brilliant person I amtoday. The people around us turn out lớn be the best role models.

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