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The largest city in Vietnam is also the country’s most visited. Ho chi Minh thành phố is still commonly known by its former name of Saigon và is trang chủ to over 8.6 million people. This bustling city pulsates with energy 24 hours a day và offers great opportunities khổng lồ experience the culture and history of Vietnam. Famous for its French colonial architecture, vibrant markets & street food stalls, and for its role in the Vietnam War, Ho đưa ra Minh is a must-visit! và when you’re done here, head north-east to the smaller city of domain authority Nang. It too has a French colonial feel, & its coastal location means there are some lovely sandy beaches to spend time relaxing on. Da Nang is also surrounded in beautiful scenery including the Marble Mountains where you’ll find secret pagodas & caves.

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The route between Ho chi Minh to domain authority Nang is a popular one so there are always numerous different options for traveling between these two cities. You’re bound lớn bump into many fellow tourists along the way, and, depending on how you travel, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with plenty of the locals as well! If you travel from Ho bỏ ra Minh to da Nang by road there are two major routes you could take – the inland route is the shortest in distance but can take a little longer, và while the coastal route adds some miles to your journey it is usually faster. The distance is between 850 & 965 kilometers (530 khổng lồ 600 miles) by road, while flying – as it’s a more direct route – will cover less distance & get you to da Nang much faster. Funnily enough, flying from Ho đưa ra Minh to domain authority Nang is an affordable way to lớn travel, but you can save more money if you go by bus, while trains vary in cost depending on the class of travel.


Vietnam Railways operates the train services across Vietnam so you can always be sure of fair pricing & consistent service standards across the various routes. Ho đưa ra Minh to da Nang is one of the most popular routes so there are frequent trains traversing the countryside and, at times, hugging the coast to lớn give passengers wonderful views of the passing scenery. If you’re not in a hurry to lớn get to da Nang we would highly recommend traveling by train because you get khổng lồ enjoy that passing scenery but you also get to lớn experience more of the Vietnamese people & their culture.

There are six trains from Ho chi Minh to domain authority Nang each day, & depending on which one you go by, the journey will take somewhere between 16 hours and 17.5 hours. If you leave Ho bỏ ra Minh early morning on the 6am train, you should arrive into da Nang around 11pm. The advantage of this train is that you’re traveling through the day so you will have plenty of time lớn look at the scenery through the window. Trains also depart at 9am, 11:50am, 2:40pm, 7:55pm, & 9:55pm, but be aware that if you opt for the 9am departure, you will arrive in domain authority Nang at 2:23 the next morning, which isn’t a very good time!


You have three ticket options on the train from Ho bỏ ra Minh to domain authority Nang – 2nd class seats, 2nd class sleepers, & 1st class sleepers. We would recommend sleepers even if you’re traveling through the day as they are more comfortable và spacious than 2nd class seats, however, seats are best if you’re trying khổng lồ stick to a tight budget.

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Going by train is perfect if you have the time to spare as it really is a lovely journey, but when you need to lớn get to da Nang much faster, flying is your best option. VietJet Air, Jetstar Pacific và Vietnam Airlines all offer regular flights from Ho đưa ra Minh to da Nang, and with a flying time of only 1 hour & 20 minutes, you can leave Ho đưa ra Minh in the morning & be in domain authority Nang in time for lunch!


Prices vary across the three airlines with VietJet Air usually being the cheapest, followed by Jetstar Pacific. If you choose lớn travel with Vietnam Airlines, expect khổng lồ pay a premium as their tickets are quite a lot more expensive but they bởi vì include 20kg of luggage allowance while the other two airlines bởi not. There are departures throughout the day, starting as early as 5:35am and going as late as 10:05pm. Prices vary depending on the time of day you leave Ho bỏ ra Minh. If it’s early morning or later in the evening, you’ll usually save money, và if you want to lớn save more, be sure lớn book as far in advance as you can & look for cheaper prices on certain days of the week. Book your tickets through and you can easily see all of the flight options and prices across the three airlines & you’ll be able khổng lồ compare prices against the cost of the train and the bus as well. All three modes of transport from Ho bỏ ra Minh to da Nang can be booked with no hassle at all through 12Go.

Traveling by bus on such a long journey can be uncomfortable and a little claustrophobic, so if you don’t lượt thích being confined then we’d suggest taking the train or flying. That being said, the bus company Hoang Long vị operate sleeper style buses that allow you to lớn stretch out your legs and recline rather than being stuck just on a standard bus.

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If you’re looking khổng lồ save money, traveling by bus from Ho chi Minh to da Nang is the cheapest way to lớn travel, but for just a little more you could get a 2nd class seat on a train instead, or pay out a few more dollars on top of that & you could be flying there!

Going by bus from Ho chi Minh to da Nang takes around 20 hours, so this is also the slowest way to lớn go, & buses are quite well equipped with washroom, TVs, a steward, air conditioning, and snacks, plus you’ll get several stops along the way where you can get off the bus & stretch your legs.

With all modes of travel from Ho đưa ra Minh to da Nang being reasonably priced you may find it difficult khổng lồ make a decision! Our recommendation would be to lớn take the train if you have the time to spare, but if you only have a few days, catch a flight and get to da Nang much faster!