How charlie chaplin overcame poverty to become comedy king?

Throughout the world, people recognise the figureofCharlie Chaplin, perhaps the most famous Londoner in history.

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Chaplin‘s Little Tramp isone of the most recognized fictionalfigures ever created. The Tramp made his last appearance in afilm nearly a hundred years ago, yet he is still instantlyrecognized & loved in almost every corner of theworld. Fellini called him "a sort of Adam from whomwe are all descended." For several generations in thefirst half of the twentieth century — for artists,intellectuals, và for popular audiencesacross the world, — Chaplin was the symbol of the little man & theoppressed masses. It was significant that he was the one to challenge the GermanKaiser, to lớn challenge Hitler, to challenge urbanismand automation, to lớn challenge intoleranceand cruelty & hypocrisy. He even challenged McCarthyism*. In 1980, when the film-makers of Polandwanted a symbol for their assertionof human liberty, they found it natural khổng lồ choose the figureof theTramp. But who was Charlie Chaplin, and where did hecome from? He was born on April 16th 1889, and as a child hegrew up in the poor East kết thúc of London. It was a hard placeto live in, and Charlie"s family was poor, indeed very poor. ButCharlie was a determined child, who had the courage lớn defy poverty & difficulties thatwould have ended many young lives. It took morecourage, later, for him khổng lồ give upgrowing success and a guaranteed incomeof £50 per week in vaudeville,and go for the unknown new world of the "movies". This happened in 1913. Charlie was in thủ đô new york atthe time with an English troupe,playing in vaudeville. He was invited lớn go to Hollywood andtake part in some movies. The movie industry in Hollywood was very new,and Charlie had no guarantee of success. But he had courage, và hewent, in spite of the risks. It was a good move ! By 1914, he wasestablished as one of Hollywood"s most successful stars, và wasearning $1,250 a week, making him a rich man! It was in 1915that he first appeared in his most famous role, as the tramp. Although Charlie Chaplin became very rich, henever forgot his poor childhood; and money was not the most importantthing in his life. He loved the USA, but he could see that it was notperfect., và he was ready to lớn say so. Going against commercial caution,hequestioned the symbolism of the Statue of Libertyin The Immigrant;then he offended American foreign policy with The Great Dictator, andlater he ridiculed McCarthyist America at a time when nootherfilm-maker dared to bởi so. For this he paid the price, as in 1952, while he astravelling to England for a film première, the FBI warnedhim that he would be arrested if he came back to lớn the USA. He was one ofthe high-profile victims of the McCarthyist "witch hunts". He did notreturn lớn the USA again until 1972, when he received an honorary Oscar. Despite all, he remainedto the end, in the words of René Clair, " amonumentto the cinema of all countries và all times." * McCarthyism : From U.S. SenatorJoseph McCarthy. In the 1950s, McCarthy, a right-wingRepublican, encouraged Americans to denouncepeople that they believed to lớn be "communists". Thousands of journalists,artists & cinema people were accused of being "communists", and hadto stop working. Very few of them really communists, they were justpeople who did not chia sẻ McCarthy"s right-wing ideology. No proof wasneeded before a person was labelled a "communist", & Chaplin wasnever a thành viên of any communist movement.

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1. OnApril 16th 1889, in London.2. Nearly 100 years ago.3. Because he symbolized the little man.4. All sorts of things, from Hitler lớn hypocrisy.5. Because the industry was very new.6. $1,250 a week !.7. No, it wasn"t. .8. When he was over 60.9, The United States.10. René Clair.