6 advantages of living in a big city


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If you’re like most of us, you’ve daydreamed about living in a big đô thị at some point, even if you were simply inspired by watching an episode of Friends. Cool loft apartment. Coffee shop on the corner. Museums và nightlife just a quick walk from your door. All those features are part of the appeal of thành phố living — but đô thị dwellers find there are many more benefits of city living, some of them hidden.

We’ve spoken khổng lồ long-time thành phố residents và a big thành phố real estate agent và looked over dozens of studies và reports lớn find the benefits of thành phố living. Some of the advantages are obvious, but others may surprise you! So whether you’re thinking about moving lớn a large metropolis or just want more fodder for daydreams, read on to lớn explore the many benefits of living in a big city.

You’ve got some pretty diverse, amazing neighborhoods throughout the city.
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18. Shopping & restaurants

Retailers want khổng lồ be where the shoppers are, so big cities are full of well-stocked stores. From big-name brands to unique boutiques, the retail centers of major cities offer a great variety of goods.

In many cities, the food scene is fantastic. You have endless options for eating out, from restaurants run by famous chefs khổng lồ ethnic eateries & food trucks. If the line is too long at one place, just walk down the street to find another one!

19. Healthier lifestyle options

Here’s something you might not have known: đô thị residents have a longer life expectancy than rural residents.

Of course, many factors contribute khổng lồ life expectancy, but some aspects of thành phố life promote health. For instance, most đô thị dwellers walk a lot just going about their day, so they tend lớn get plenty of exercise.

City residents also have access lớn gyms, health restaurants, và health care providers. As a result, they are less likely to smoke or suffer from obesity than rural residents, according lớn research by the U.S. Health Resources và Services Administration.

20. Closer access to high-quality medical care

Big cities usually have multiple hospitals where residents can receive care. According to rankings by U.S. News, most of the đôi mươi best hospitals in the nation are located in major cities such as Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Chicago. The others are in university towns.

Doctors, including specialists, tend to locate in cities because that’s where most possible patients are. So city dwellers who need a specialist are more likely to lớn find one that’s convenient to visit, especially when compared with a suburban or rural resident, who may have to make a trip to lớn the đô thị to see a particular kind of doctor.

21. Higher credit scores

Experian, a credit reporting company, finds that millennials who live in metro areas have higher credit scores than millennials who live in rural areas of the same state. The credit bureau found urban dwellers had higher household incomes than the rural residents, but they also had higher debt levels.

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Experian isn’t sure why thành phố residents have higher credit scores. Still, it speculates that the difference could result from urban lifestyle choices, such as renting a home rather than buying one, or forgoing car ownership.

22. Education everywhere

If learning is your jam, you can’t beat a metropolis. Big cities are often trang chủ to major universities, where you can take a class or pursue a degree to lớn advance your career — or simply meet a personal goal without having to lớn travel far.

If you’re interested in less formal classes, the thành phố abounds with opportunities. Museums, arts organizations, cultural institutions, & others provide lessons và outreach opportunities where you can learn about new things. Finding these classes can be as simple as reading a museum trang web or checking the listings in không tính tiền weekly papers.

23. More flight options

If you want to lớn fly somewhere, you’ll have more flight choices out of an airport in a large city. More airlines serve big cities, so you’re more likely to lớn be able lớn fly with the airline you prefer.

Additionally, because big-city airports serve as hubs for major airlines, you may be able khổng lồ fly directly to your destination. In smaller cities, you often have to lớn fly first to lớn a hub airport, then transfer to lớn a flight khổng lồ your final destination.

24. Reliable deliveries

Whether you need something from Amazon or just want to order dinner from the restaurant down the block, deliveries straight to your door are common & easy in a city.

In less-densely-populated areas, it’s harder to lớn arrange deliveries from restaurants & similar businesses because delivery people don’t want khổng lồ drive for miles và miles for just one order. Besides, the food gets cold by the time it reaches your door.

25. Entertainment everywhere

You never have khổng lồ feel bored in the city. From first-run movies lớn big-name concerts khổng lồ neighborhood festivals, there’s always something going on. So no matter your definition of fun — running in a 10K, attending a play, or shopping at a craft fair — you’ll find it in the city.

26. Và so many freebies

Many of the entertainment options in the city are free, at least part of the time. Major museums usually have a day — once a week or once a month — where you can visit for free. In addition, city orchestras perform không tính phí concerts in the park, & theatrical companies present plays in the mở cửa air.

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Street festivals, cultural celebrations, and musicians performing outside the subway station are just some of the miễn phí entertainment you’ll encounter in a big city.

Cities have much khổng lồ offer, so thành phố living appeals lớn residents of all ages, Stawasz says. From hipsters who enjoy the nightlife to empty nesters who appreciate the convenience & walkability, thành phố living has dozens of advantages and millions of fans. Maybe you’ll be one of many to lớn discover how much you love it!